​Stuart Smith - Drums

A southern gentleman  from the bayou land with a percussive flair and love for a perfectly in tune muscle car engine beat, Stuart is a long time musical compadre of Terry Lagarde, as well as an ex member of the mid nineties incarnation of Rik Slave & the Phantoms.  Mr. Smith is the beat man for many other artist studio and session projects.

 Jennifer has been in numerous bands in New Orleans for the past 15 years, including US tours with Hazard County Girls. She is currently the Proprietress of La Madama Bazarre, an art gallery with a mystical & musical aesthetic. Many of the artists in the gallery are musicians as well.


​​Born and bred in the Louisiana bayou country with a water moccasin next to his bed, a hex on his head and with exposure to a wide array of musical styles and cultures, is an ex member of the mid 90's incarnation of the bluesy punk rock-n-roll band Rik Slave & The Phantoms. Terry is a current part time member of the Latvian/Danish band Louie Fontaine & The Starlight Searchers as well as a session & studio player for many other artists, projects and the founding member of National Lagarde.

Jennifer Kirtlan- Bass/BackingVocals

Terry Lagarde - Guitars/Vocals